Encrypted  cipher quests fortnite

What are the Cypher Quests in fortnite?

In the Cipher Quests section of the Quests page, you’ll find unencrypted Quests that have clear objectives, and an encrypted Quest with an objective that’s… inconclusive. Use the clues at your disposal to figure it out! After completing the encrypted Quest, you’ll unlock the next one after it becomes available

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encrypted Cipher Quest Stage 1 location

Stage 1 of the encrypted Cipher Quest tells you to “inspect the wall beneath the eastern building” of, well, somewhere–but the exact location is encrypted. That somewhere is actually Anvil Square, which is located basically in the dead center of the map.

encrypted Cipher Quest Stage 2 location

The second encrypted quest actually provides even fewer clues, but thankfully we’ve figured it out so you can save some time. Head to Faulty Splits and to the bowling alley–you really can’t miss it as it’s the area’s biggest building. Use a spray emote on or inside of the building. Any spray will do, and once you’ve done it, you’ll have completed Stage 2.

encrypted Cipher Quest Stage 3 location

The third encrypted  quest in the series asks you to visit somewhere rather chilly–the very remote Lonely Labs. Seeing as how far out it is from many other POIs, it’s probably best you land there at the beginning of the match if possible. Once you’ve arrived, head down the stairs behind the orange shipping container in the middle of the area to find some computers to interact with to complete the quest.

Fortnite unencrypted and encrypted Cipher quests explained

From 28th February until Tuesday, the 7th March, there will be new Cipher quests added to Fortnite every day. However you actually have until Friday, 10th March – after Chapter 4, Season 2 releases – to complete all the challenges and get your rewards.

Most of the Cipher challenges are unencrypted, meaning that you can read them in your quests list like any other task. There are some mysterious encrypted challenges, however, that need to be cracked in order to know what task you have to complete.

After completing an encrypted Quest, you’ll unlock the next one after it becomes available.

XP is earned for completing individual Cipher challenges, and you’ll also get new cosmetic rewards for completing a certain number of both encrypted and unencrypted challenges before the event ends on Friday, 10th March.

You can try and crack the Ciphers on your own, but we’ll add what each encrypted quest is below when the community figures it out if you’d like to know what they are.

Fortnite Cipher rewards

As mentioned above, you get XP for completing individual Cipher challenges, but you’ll also unlock cosmetics for reaching certain unencrypted and encrypted challenge completion milestones.

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